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Arttour International Magazine Spring 2016 Interview with Olga Volodinana

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Q How did you start your career of photographer?

A. "I didn't dream of becoming a photographer when I was a child. However, I was artistically minded, I enjoyed reading, I liked literature and history. I also used to write a lot. When it came to the choice of higher education and future profession I have changed a couple of universities and finally decided lo study journalism. At the same time I was working as a model. I think it has influenced my style of photography: I was shooting fashion when I just started my path as a photographer and then little by little my style changed. I began to express my thoughts and ideas through my artworks, which became more conceptual."

Q. Please tell us about your childhood.

A. "I've spent my childhood in a rather creative atmosphere. My mother was a pianist in the orchestra and I spent a lot of time at rehearsals in a conservatory. I wouldn't say it was my greatest interest at the age of four to listen to classical music for hours, however, I am sure that it has influenced my taste in art. My father, an engineer by profession, has a great taste for literature and knows history quite well. We used to talk about it a lot, and even to argue about it, and I simply devoured books to find the proper reasoning and facts.

There has always been a different side of me, my hot temper, my anger, my sudden changes of mood and even a passion for destruction. I am now incredibly grateful to my parents for always being out there for me. During all my life, from childhood till nowadays, I struggle to sublimate this destructive energy, which boils inside me, into something constructive and creative. My art is not a conscious life choice, it is just the only way to get rid of my fears, paranoias, pain and anger. Work on my photography projects brings an illusion of emptiness and peace for a while. Artwork is therapeutic for me, it heals and helps to let things go. The whole process of the photoshoot itself feels like a meditation. And the main object of my art is a human, because I always get inspired by the dark side of the human nature."

Q How do you spend your day?

A. "My days are never the same, because I change all the time. Sometimes people ask what is wrong with me and I always answer, that I am just coming through a phase and there is going to be a new one soon. Every day of my life I am different. I think changes are natural for us, human beings. I am always trying to change for the best and I am learning how to become a happy person, which is a very uneasy task. My greatest problem, and probably one of the major problems of the modern society, is overthinking I am trying to cope with it with the help of my art projects."

Q. What inspires you for your new projects?

A. "I am always inspired by the society and relationship between people, mostly in its negative aspect. My photo works are means of translating my feelings and sending my message to the people.

For instance, I was inspired to start the "Metamorphosis. Black Butterfly " project after I have talked to some of acquaintances of mine, who turned out to be completely brainwashed by mass media and propaganda. I was astonished to see how drastically they have changed their opinions and beliefs.

Such experiences always help me to find a new concept and idea of the project, I start to visualize the first few pictures, and then metaphors and symbols come to my mind. After that I write it all down, draw it and create story boards for my team."

Q, Please tell us about your team. A. I have to say that I am always extremely lucky to meet talented and hardworking people in any part of the world "Metamorphosis. Black Butterfly" project was created in collaboration with an incredibly talented make up artist Cristina Maria Pintea. She is always very perceptive to new ideas and understands concepts night away. During our work on this art project we have created together not onlly a photo series, but also a stop motion "Metamorphosis" which we are also about to screen at the upcoming exhibition in Bangkok this March. The face of this series is a very talented model Anastasia Maslova, who also happens to be the main organizer of my exhibition.

Q. Would you tell us more about the exhibition. A. "Metamorphosis. Black Butterfly" is a multidisciplinary art project that includes photo exhibition, theater performance and video performance. It will take place in of the best art galleries in Bangkok, which is YenakArt Villa Art Gallery After the grand opening night of this exhibition we are planning to host a series of exclusive art portraits photo shooting to provide a chance for anyone to become a part of this photo project and get a personal professionally printed portrait in the style of "Metamorphosis"

Q. What is the main concept behind this series? A. "This photo series use symbolism to represent fragile human consciousness influenced by mass media, hypocrisy of modern society average human who is forced by the system to spend a precious lifetime either on basic survival needs or excessive consumption.
Black and white colors are used to emphasize the edge between good and evil, that humanity is balancing on. Bodies in bandages symbolize sick mankind, weakened by prejudices and fears and ulnerable to manipulations. Information is one of the most dangerous weapons now. Like a cosmetic surgeon can change physical appearance of a person, those who control mass media can change the perception of how reality appears to us and create the illusion of freedom and choice."


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