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Olga Volodina Harper Bazaar magazine
Olga Volodina interview

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April 2021

Interview for Modellenland Magazine

"When I was a child our family moved to Russia. I studied journalism in Moscow and worked as a model at the same time. My daughter was born in 2008, and I moved to Thailand, where I lived for almost ten years, and started working on my photo art projects Now I live and work in Bulgaria"

December 2020

Interview for Pie App, Nuare Studio

"I think my family was my most significant influence. A person is a product of his environment, and my family is quite a creative and interesting one. My father is an engineer, but he always was interested in history and photography. My mother is a musician, plays the piano, and loves literature. All that I achieved in my life I did because of my parents"

January 2019

Interview for Aoyama Design Forum magazine Tokyo

"Art can make people inspired, happy or sad, draw their attention to something, educate them, but from my point of view, it all only makes sense if it's honest"

December 2018

Interview for "365" Magazine Moscow

"Нужно как можно чаще показывать и рассказывать о людях, которые отличаются от большинства. Нужно учиться принимать мир во всем его многообразии, и искоренять нетерпимость, насилие и ненависть"

Publications and Interviews

2022  Olga Volodina, Humans And Their Vices Sofia, Bulgaria

2022  Interview For Romanian Newspaper "Libertatea" 2022 Romania 

2021  Interview For Pie App, Nuare Studio Inc. 10 Questions To Olga Volodina London, United Kingdom 

2022  Interview For Bansko Vestnik Bansko, Bulgaria, Bulgaria 

2021  Interview For Modellenland Magazine Issue 70 Gentbrugge, Belgium

2020  Interview With Olga Volodina For Itsliquid Group Venice, Italy 

2018  Interview For Coconuts Bangkok Bangkok, Thailand 

2018  Interview For Cult Potato Bangkok, Thailand 

2018  The Nation Newspaper Bangkok, Thailand

2018  Bangkok 101 Magazine Bangkok, Thailand

2018  Practical Photography Magazine United Kingdom

2018  Interview For Рдх Moscow Moscow, Russia 

2018  Interview For Eclectic Magazine Moscow, Russia 

2018  Robb Report Magazine Bangkok, Thailand

2018  Bangkok Post Newspaper Bangkok, Thailand

2018  Interview For Aoyama Design Forum Magazine Tokyo, Japan

2017  Interview For "365" Magazine Moscow, Russia 

2017  Interview For "Bird In Flight" Magazine Ukraine 

2016  Interview For Paris Phuket Magazine Bangkok, Thailand

2016  Harper's Bazaar Bangkok, Thailand 

2016  Artist Magazine Seoul, South Korea

2016  Le Paris-Phuket Magazine Bangkok, Thailand 

2016  Bangkok 101 Magazine Bangkok, Thailand

2016  Elle Decoration Bangkok, Thailand

2016  Interview For Bangkok 101 Magazine Bangkok, Thailand 

2016  Outrage Magazine Makati City, Philippines 

2016  The Daily Bangkok Shimbun Newspaper Bangkok, Thailand

2016  Arttour International Magazine Spring 2016 Interview With Olga Volodinana New York, United States 

2015  Fringe Magazine Makati City, Philippines

2014  Viva Mag Bangkok, Thailand

2013  Numéro Bangkok, Thailand 

2009  Interview For Moscow Magazine "Уютное Небо" Moscow, Russia

2008  Moscow magazine "Правила Жизни" 

2008  Fotomodel Moscow, Russia





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