"Ultraviolent" is a multidisciplinary art project/research, that should draw attention to the problem of violence against women, that includes photo exhibitions and series of art performances

For centuries, many men believed that women were inferior beings and it was fair to treat them like maids, slaves, or pets. A woman was absolutely deprived of any rights and could not even leave the house unaccompanied by a man (in some countries it is still a norm). In the modern civilized world, women have the freedom and the civil rights equal to men and we owe this, first of all, to the feminist movement, which has made incredible efforts and many sacrifices for the sake of a free woman of the future. How are these rights implemented now? How does a Russian woman use them? It is Russia that interests me in studying the issue of women's rights since in this country I was born and raised and in this country that I witnessed how some people tried to justify violence against a woman telling her It was her own fault and she might have provoked it. No doubts that women and their rights should be protected at the legislative level. Though due to the fact that in Russia the first case of domestic violence was decriminalized - the statute on the battery was removed from the Russian Criminal Code, and administrative penalties for domestic violence were introduced instead, so it made it equal to such offenses as parking in the wrong place, I would like to draw attention to this problem with my new project. What is the opinion of the general public on this topic? It turns out that our society, and especially the Russian Orthodox Church, is more concerned about the fact that strict laws on domestic violence can weaken the institution of the family and the traditional values. And what are these “traditional values” that they are so afraid of shaking? Maybe all these old clichés from medieval folklore: ‘if he beats, it means he loves her, “beat a woman with a hammer – she will become gold”? Or the fact that in most Russian families girls are raised only as future housewives? Or the fact that a girl from an early age is told that her limit is doing domestic chores and that she should not believe in herself? She has to wait for “the prince on a white horse” because without him she is not capable of doing anything worthwhile? In my new project, I want to explore the origins of the problem. This will be a story of an ordinary woman, her childhood and upbringing, her dreams, and disappointments. This is a story about toxic and abusive relationships that are quite common. I believe that we need not only legislative protection but also compulsory education for all women who want to live without fear and understand their important role in this world and that they can achieve everything they want by themselves without wasting their time waiting for the princes. I would really like this project to help young girls to avoid mistakes that could be fatal. I want them to know that there is always a choice.

By donating to this project, you will help to cover the expenses for the social art project: costs of props, decorations, supplies for bodypaint and makeup artists, transportation costs, food on set, rental of additional equipment.

If we achieve the goal then I can provide decent compensation for the crew working on the project. During the times of ongoing crisis, when many people of the creative professions are left without any work and money, I would very much like to cover the expenses of the creative team so that they would not spend their own funds to implement the idea.

I'd be very grateful and appreciate any help and support. Even If you cannot support this project with money, you still can help by sharing this information via your social media channels. Any help is appreciated.