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"Ultraviolent" is a multidisciplinary art project/research, that should draw attention to the problem of violence against women, that includes photo exhibitions and series of art performances

Over the centuries, many men believed that women were their inferiors and treated them like maids, slaves, or pets. Women were often left powerless and unable to leave the house unaccompanied by their male counterparts. In some countries, this is still the case. In the modern civilized world, women have managed to carve out freedoms and rights for themselves that are equal to those granted to men. And to this, we owe, first and foremost, the feminist movement, which made incredible efforts through sacrifices to this cause. But how are these rights being exercised now? How does a modern woman use them? And how does the way we raise girls affect their ability to make choices later on in life? Many parents instill in their daughters that their destiny is to serve a man from an early age. The protagonist's parents are portrayed as blind in this story, symbolizing a society that promotes superficial values. Parents often raise future wives with pet minds. Early in childhood, a girl learns to doubt her capabilities due to gender. She awaits a prince on a white horse, her future owner--this is the limit of her dreams. And so, a cycle of dependency is instilled early on and left to grow into adult relations. Dependent relationships are very often violent and lead to abuse and manipulation. When these acts occur, the conditioned woman often returns to her prince, and their relationship ends in tragedy. Though we would like to punish the rapist and assist the victim in the name of justice, there is rarely a chance to do so. The seeds planted in childhood have already created a pattern ripe for abuse. This is a history of violence.

Dramatic, grotesquely theatrical, and true. A story where there can be no happy ending.

Film Festival


2024 Semi-finalist in the category "Best European Short Film" at the World Independent Film Awards

2023 Festival La Mirada Tabú, Zaragoza, Spain

2023 International Human Rights Film Festival, Vienna, Austria.

​2023 "Facade" Festival in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2023 Serbest International Film Festival (SIFF), Kishinev, Moldova

2023 Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions Hosted, United Kingdom

2023 "Cartón" Festival Buenos Aires, Argentina

2023 Women's Solidarity Festival. Cultural Center "Der Divan" Berlin, Germany

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