Love is wonderful and full of euphoria, of course, if it does exist between a man and a woman at all.... Maybe it's just a myth from the books and movies, or some chemical reaction in our bodies. Anyway, It is love that humans always try to confine in the brackets of interpersonal relationship where it languishes, and often die ... But before Its death It may take years of agony and passion ....


These photographs are not about love, but the ghost relations ship surfing the ocean of life. Passion and happiness, suffering and fear of wreck, confusion and frustration, as well as blind faith in the protection from the unpredictable ocean are confined in that ship. But the ocean of life anytime can flood the holds and cabins with purifying water dissolving everything that our minds try to grab so frantically....


She is waiting... She believes... She is eager for changes... She wants him to change her world ... She could do it herself, but she is tied with the hope .... The red ribbon of hope tied her up, immobilized and blindfolded her ...Tomorrow, her body will get used to this state... and the fear will come to replace the hope...

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They are alive. They are different. They are passionate. There is thirst for creation inside both of them. But they waste all the time for quarrels or senseless controversy and only emptiness and disappointment remains.

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Nothing can help you get your freedom, and no one is able to deprive you of it, if you want to fly just fly...

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We don't always realize what we look like and who we transform into, when love turns into hate, when we start dividing what was once shared, when we become savage, blind and intolerant...

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Marriage makes forbidden desires more desirable...

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