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This photo series use symbolism to represent: fragile human consciousness influenced by mass media, the hypocrisy of modern society, and an average human, who is forced by the system to spend a precious lifetime either on basic survival needs or excessive consumption. 

Black and white colors are used to emphasize the edge between good 
and evil, that humanity is balancing on. Bodies in bandages symbolize sick mankind, weakened by prejudices and fears and vulnerable to manipulations. Information is one of the most dangerous weapons now.


Like a cosmetic surgeon can change the physical appearance of a person, those who control mass media can change the perception of how reality appears to us and create the illusion of freedom and choice

"Metamorphosis” is a multidisciplinary art project. It was created and premiered in Bangkok in 2016. The project is a series of black and white photographs, alongside with a stop motion movie "Metamorphosis, Black Butterfly", a live performance with living statues and an element of interactive theater.

Photos of the series were printed in the format 90*60 and 120*80 in a limited edition of only 10 copies.

Some of them have already been acquired for private collections in Thailand, China, Japan, Germany, France, Russia, Korea, England, and the USA during personal or group exhibitions in well-established art galleries:

-YenakArt gallery in Bangkok (2016),

-Bachurin Museum-Mansion in Moscow (2017),

-Sathorn 11 art space in Bangkok (2018),

-White Line Art Space in Bangkok (2019),

-ROOM Contemporary Art Space Gallery in Venice (2019),

-Mercato Metropolitano in London (2020),

-Masstab in Sofia (2020)

-Glasgow Gallery, UK (2023)

-Chania International Photo Festival. Mikis Theodorakis Theatre Chania, Greece (2023)

-Kapana Gallery. Group Exhibition. Plovdiv, Bulgaria (2023)


All the artworks are printed in a professional printing studio using only high-quality materials. It is done under my direct supervision or by my trusted assistants. After been printed its packed in a protective tube and can be sent to any country in the world. Some artworks have been already printed and available in Bangkok and Moscow.
If you order a new copy, then printing and the delivery process normally take two-three weeks.

Format: 120/80sm  90/60sm  60/40sm 
10 Limited Edition Print on Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta  + Certificate of Authenticity Signed and Numbered by the Artist.
Printed with 5cm white border 

When buying two copies - a 15% discount. More than two - 25%
The price depends on the size and the type of printing. Artwork can be printed on art paper, canvas, metal, and glass.   

Metamorphosis by Olga Volodina

Metamorphosis by Olga Volodina

Photos from Exhibitions

Thailand, Russia, Italy, UK, Bulgaria, Greece