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On Saturday our charity event HUGSFEST took place, it lasted 10 hours and was attended by over 300 people!
We want to thank everyone who was with us and created this wonderful friendly holiday atmosphere. Especially our volunteers, who joined the organization of the festival, together we got a real DREAM TEAM
The best music from DJ Martin Nikoloff Bogdan Malysh Алина Терещенко
The most delicious pastries - Alena Sidorova Екатерина Баглаева
The best bartender in the world - Оля Бавика
Smart entertainment for the youngest from the sorceresses - Tatiana Shut Olga Tuman Sviridova Anastasiya
Art classes and therapy for older children and adults with inspiration Maria CraftShop NAta Erm Ольга Горощенко
Evening games of teenagers from Maria Gancheva
Guitar lessons with Sam Naef
Transport and sports entertainment from our tireless Александр Васильев
Delicious food and the most positive and polite staff from the restaurant Бага Мери
Special thanks to Chris Dietrich Ana Zlateva Petya Kulina Dimitar Stoyanov for your support!
And of course, my beloved Olga Volodina and the girls Maria Gancheva and Olga Tuman for organizing and for picking up my life motto “I Want and I Can”.
Thanks again to all the guests who shared this day with us and thanks to you this festival made sense. Each of us could feel that day "like before the war"
credit: Olga Volodina
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