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One of the goals of our centre was to reduce the language barrier when children and adults communicate with foreign citizens and communicate more easily and freely with people from all over the world. Knowing English, it is easier for children and their parents to adapt to a new environment.
There are several English teachers working in our centre.
Екатерина Пильщик

Екатерина Пильщик teaches English twice a week to Ukrainian teenagers, combining fun with profit, using Multi-games, quests and situation analysis.
Thank you Екатерина Пильщик for your time and attention to our centre!
Teenagers are looking forward to the next lesson!

Andriana White

English classes with Andriana White for adults and teenagers.
And it's not just language lessons, it's a real exchange of experiences and expanding boundaries and ideas.
Thank you,Andriana, for your help and support!
Ольга Сироткина
Welcome to our English grammar workouts!
Grammar is not an easy thing to cope with in any language, but Ольга Сироткина is with us to make the most fun of it!
Her grammar class is an interactive one, a mixture of theory and practice, including fun facts about details and an easy learning approach. We do not forget about our homework too, as a rule, to make it more efficient!

Alex Medlock
We are very lucky to have a volunteer teacher Alex Medlock You are the best! Children and adults are delighted with the lessons!
Thank you very much!

Photo credit: Olga Volodina

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