Sometimes there are so many thoughts and fears in your head It literally can drive you crazy. They are like bugs running in the maze of consciousness. They don't let you sleep, relax and be happy in the present moment. They wreak havoc with your life and destroy you from within...


Print on Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta + Certificate of Authenticity Signed and Numbered by the Artist.

Printed with 5cm white border


120/80sm - 600€ (Edition nr. 1 from 4)

90/60sm -400€ (Edition nr. 2 from 6)

60/40sm - 200€ (Edition nr. 2 from 10)


The price depends on the size and the type of printing. Artwork can be printed on art paper, canvas, metal, and glass. 


PriceFrom €200.00
Excluding Sales Tax