Exhibition opening "M2F" (Male To Female)

October 18, 2017

We are pleased to announce that "M2F" (Male to Female) exhibition opening is going to be at Moscow Classic Photography Gallery on October 19th. Moscow, Savvinskaya naberezhnaya, 23 p. 1


Opening Reception: 19 october 2017, 19pm

Art performance: 20:30pm 
Invitation only RSVP to

Exhibition from 19th of october to 20th of november 2017 at Moscow Classic Photography Gallery 

Age limit: 18+

This is the first project of this kind in Russia, when black and white nude images of transgender women will be exposed to the general public.

"M2F" concept

Classic nude photography of transgender women in black and white


As long as transgenders have been existing artists and photographers mostly use this phenomenon in art to provoke or shock their audience with documental realism often underlined with some strong social meanings. Photographer Olga Volodina chose another way. She prefered the style of classic black & white nude photography that doesn’t attract with its play of colors and devoid of any social context. Here attention to composition, lighting and the beauty of a not-so-obvious-yet human body is more important. There are just calm and sensual nude pictures shot the same way as classic nude female photography...

"M2F" Performance

Performance presents the concept that a nude art form by itself is just a kind of artistic expression; it is mainly the viewer who can give ulterior meanings to the nudity.The palm prints over the nude image symbolically represent various dogmas and prejudices established in human minds by society. These dogmas create a complicated series of paradoxes that can interfere with one's ability to purely enjoy the nude art

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